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Dental Clinic Dr Kujacic constitues of team of experts including Dr. Ana Kujačić, Dr.Neven Kujačić,founders and owners of the clinic, nurse Nataša Žebeljan and a collaborative team of dental technicians. The office was initially established as "Tash dental group" with headquarters in Belgrade at S. Novak 2 Street. At beginning of December 2010 the office relocated to a new address 50 George Washington St. under new name"Dr. Kujačić Dental Clinic”. Professional teams of doctors and staff - nurse, dental technicians of this period working in same constant composition.Our mission is to provide high-end, modern and affordable dental intervention at reasonable prices.

Dr Neven Kujačić

Studied and graduated in Dentistry at Belgrade University, he mastered dental surgery with highest grades. He specialized in the field of oral implants getting certificates for systems such as Straumann, Nobel Biocare, IMTEC - present - C - TECH. Many eminent dental offices in Belgrade, Serbia and rest of the region used professional services and collaborate with Dr. Kujačić Neven. At the DZ - Old Town Clinic Majestic, at the beginning of a successful career working in the emergency service, progressing to the clinic director position in the period of 2007-2008 with impressive organisational results, and worked as very sucessfull oral surgeon until the end of 2015.

Dr Ana Kujačić

Studied and graduated in Dentistry at Belgrade University and specialized as an oral surgeon at VMA Belgrade with excellent grades. In regular professional training she mastered the field of prosthetic care with implant devices such as Straumann, Nobel Biocare,and IMTEC – today known as - C - TECH. She spent a part of her career working as well acknowledged lead dental surgeon in the city of Obrenovac.

Džordža Vašingtona 50 street, 11000 Beograd Srbija; TEL 011 303 86 12, FAX 011 303 86 11, MOB 063 316 810; WORKING HOURS 12:00-20:00
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