Well maintained, healthy teeth add to our confidence and self-respect.

Conservative dentistry with Endodontics

Modern endodontic root canal treatment.
Aesthetic Reconstructive fillings using the leading brands of composite restorations.


As part of prosthetic rehabilitation we provide: classic acrylic partial and complete dentures, skeletal dental prosthesis with different options for retention (frezmilling techniques, the attachment), metal-ceramic and all-ceramic crowns and bridges, prosthetic restorations on implants.

Dental Surgery

All dental surgery interventions, including interventions for pre-prosthetic preparation.
During all interventionsusing modern bone replacement we make up for the lost bone tissue and thus strengthen the operated region.

Dental Implantology

    Indications, necessity and justification

    • The ideal solution, from a single tooth to the edentulous.

    • Single tooth loss– neighboring teeth are preserved and guarded against grinding, a functional and aesthetic ideal reconstructive moment.

    • In case of missing multiple teethwith implantology we avoid prostheses and enable the use ofcrowns, getting more natural and more comfortable feeling in the mouth.

    • Using implants in total edentoulismwe get a direct transfer of chewing force to the jaw bone therefore slowing down the resorption or the loss of bone in the edentulous jaw, improving the stability of complete dentures and reducing denture plate which gives comfort and a more natural feeling in the mouth


    In recent decades, dental implants are a reality and a common practise, not an experiment.

    Due toothe titanium biocompatibility of which dental implants are made ,and improvements in the processing technology of their body surface , implants are not rejected as foreign body (as an example the titanium plates and screws in orthopedic surgery are used as an ideal fixation of bone fragments).

    Luxury and prestige

    Representation of a large number of implant systems allows us to also offer
    financially affordable dental implants (in our office, C-TECH ).

    For those who strive for perfection , high quality and luxury we usethe best quality implants fromthe leading world renowned implant brands NOBEL BIOCARE and STRAUMANN.

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